Summer of Service – Journal Download

Why do we provide Summer Journals?

Service to others makes a difference in our community, but did you know it also makes a difference in YOU?  When kids of all ages learn about the needs of others, this builds their empathy and listening skills. And when they experience making a difference for someone else, this builds their confidence and ability to lead others.  Both of these big benefits occur after the service project, when we encourage kids to reflect on what they did, what they learned, and how they felt about it… this is an important part of service learning, and makes a big difference in whether kids will want to help again in the future.  See Kids Dream’s Summer of Service includes a journal for two different age ranges: one for younger kids, ages 4-10 and for older kids, 11 and up.  The older aged journal includes volunteer hours tracking page that middle school and high school youth can use to record and report service hours to school or for Honors Clubs. Encourage your child to fill out their journal starting with the “about me” page, and then, after each service activity that they do. Also, there is a point tracker in the back for them to fill in, this will help them earn a “Community Ambassador” award on August 3rd, look for more details coming soon.

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Journal for Ages 4-10

Journal for Ages 11+

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Journal Pages for Ages 4-10

Journal Pages for Ages 11+

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