Family Service

Our first Community is our Family…

Our larger community benefits when empathy becomes a family’s destination

Project SKD is a Collection of Family Service Projects created to give families opportunities to

Increase Knowledge & Empathy Around Community Needs

Strengthen Family Relationships

Make Civic Engagement a “Family Habit”

Is this the same as volunteering? Not exactly… this is a SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT.  This means, your family will have the opportunity to learn about a community issue and make the connection of how and why help is needed.  Service learning helps bring meaning to volunteering and is especially helpful in building empathy in children.  For each Project SKD event, you’ll receive a pre-event activity to complete before you come. While at the event, your family will engage in simulation activities and discussion to help kids understand the “big picture” before your family engages in a hands-on service project to bring the learning full circle.

What’s the cost, who can participate? Due to generous support from The Big Lots Foundation, this event is provided at no cost to families and is intended for kids in elementary and middle school, however siblings are welcome to participate. Parent participation in the service project is required.

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