Give Good


Kids Need To Hear From You!

We know there are millions of people doing good out there… people who are working very hard to address tough challenges in our communities. But lately, kids have been asking…

If so many people are doing good… why do we keep hearing so much about the bad?

As we’re sure you would agree…this is a concern. Kids are a reflection of the world they are growing up in. We want them to perceive a world that inspires engagement, taking risks and… compassion. Unfortunately, when kids perceive a lot of fear and negativity, these can become drivers of disengagement, anxiety and lack of empathy… sound a familiar headline? We need to turn this around. We need your help to create a better… and more accurate story. One that reminds all of us of the potential that we DO have to add value and to improve our world for everyone. So we are launching a social media campaign called #GiveGood to do just that!

The concept is really very simple. Between now and November 27th catch or create acts of people doing good and post them on your favorite social media. Make sure to tag @seekidsdream and include #GiveGood. Challenge your friends to do the same. Then, on November 28th, Giving Tuesday, watch as we reveal the story for all kids to see on See Kids Dream’s social media accounts.

GG walking GG leaves GG Grocery

We’re looking forward to creating this story that kids need to hear… one that shows people who care about each other, who help each other and who work together to solve challenges.  And we’re looking forward to building this story together!  

If you have questions, or want further information about See Kids Dream, please contact us at 

Thank you for your support of kids and our community,


See Kids Dream Staff & Board of Directors